Hawkclaw Capital Advisors

Hawkclaw Capital Advisors is an independent investment firm that provides investment advisory services as well as reception and transmission of orders in relation to financial instruments.

Based in Portugal, with potential access to all European markets, the company pretends to take advantage of the emerging opportunities resulting from the current macroeconomic conditions. The mix of the experience and dynamism of its professionals with the quality and credibility of the institutions that provide the custody, execution and other ancillary services, allow Hawclaw to operate adequately considering the current market situation.

The company is supervised by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM), being registered as a financial intermediary with the registration number 365.


The overriding aim at Hawkclaw is to provide a customized advisory service considering the investor’s profile and objective with the goal of preserving and growing long-term capital through the advice and monitoring of global investment strategies in order to better serve the investor’s interest.


  • Independence & Professionalism
  • Personalized & Open Architecture Solutions
  • Credibility & Transparency
  • Integrity & Confidentiality

Business Philosophy

Hawkclaw has a conservative approach regarding business management and intends to offer security and high standards of service to its clients. The business philosophy is based on a three party relationship between the Client, Hawkclaw and the Bank/Broker where the assets are deposited. Adopting this structure, client sees operational risk mitigated and independence guaranteed, benefiting from an optimal framework in order to take a better investment decision.