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Hawkclaw Capital Advisors is a global investment advisory specialist focused on unconstrained strategies

At Hawkclaw, we analyze global markets with discipline and focus, and employ a range of techniques considering a cross-asset spectrum in an effort to deliver enhanced investment returns to our investors. We combine deep fundamental research, predictive analysis and technology to capture new opportunities as well as to identify risks. Our team brings together the art of investing with the science of finance to help our capital partners achieve their goals.


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Hawkclaw Capital Advisors is an independent investment firm that provides investment advisory services as well as reception and transmission of orders in relation to financial instruments

Combining the Swiss wealth management legacy of Hawkeye Wealth Management and the experience of its founder in the dealing with the Anglo-Saxon asset management and investment banking industry, Hawkclaw focus on liquid investment strategies considering a vast universe of asset classes, from fixed income to equities, from commodities to forex. Through a rigorous investment and risk management process it builds investment strategies that are fully aligned with investors goals. Hawkclaw is registered as a financial intermediary with the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM), registration number 365, and operates in Iberia, United Kingdom and Luxembourg, following MiFID II and MiFIR regulations.


The overriding aim at Hawkclaw is to provide investors with a consistent return stream, taking intelligent risk to achieve resilient risk-adjusted returns across multiple economic and financial cycles, whilst placing a high priority on capital preservation. The objective is to deliver a high consistency of positive performance, real inflation adjusted returns, capital preservation and lower volatility returns on a relative basis.


Independence: we are client centric avoiding conflicts of interest.
Differentiation: we seek to be differentiated and original in our thinking.
Meritocracy: we succeed through talent, commitment, diligence and teamwork.

Excellence: for us good is not enough, we strive to be excellent in all we do.
Transparency: we promote transparency in all our actions as we believe it is key for trust.
Integrity: we conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity.



Francisco Falcão – Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Francisco has 14+ years of experience in the wealth management industry. In 2005 he started is career at the Wealth Management Central Unit, in London, a unit from Millennium BCP banking group responsible for economic research and fund selection. From 2006 to 2010, he held several positions in the investment advisory desk of Banque Privée BCP (Suisse) SA, in Geneva, having a cross-asset view and responsible for investment advisory and discretionary management mandates serving HNWI based in Brazil, Portugal and Poland. In 2010, he founded Hawkeye Wealth Management SA (Switzerland), an independent asset management firm with a focus on income strategies. In 2015, Francisco founded Hawkclaw Capital Advisors. He graduated in Economics from Universidade Católica Portuguesa, holds a post-graduation in Finance fromCatólica Porto Business School (previously EGE – Atlantic Business School) and a diploma in Asset Allocation and Risk Budgeting from the Swiss Finance Institute. He is also a chartered economist by Ordem dos Economistas, a member of the Swiss Financial Analysts Association and an affiliate member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals.

João Antunes – Operations Specialist/ Compliance

João started his career at Hawkclaw Capital Advisors in April 2024, having +7 years of experience in investment and financial advisory and +2 years of experience in Accounts Payable at IBM. He holds a degree in Economics from the Minho University (UM).

Sandra Miranda – Administrative Assistant

Sandra started her career at Hawkclaw Capital Advisors in 2023, having +23 years of experience in this area at other similar companies. She holds a technical course in HR and Accountancy.


Investment Advisory


The investment approach pursued by Hawkclaw in respect to assets under advisory consists of a thorough and in-depth analysis from a macroeconomic viewpoint, combined with both fundamental and technical analysis. Using a global macro perspective and a top-down analysis, it continuously monitors the adequacy of the asset allocation to the risk profile and the market condition.

Reception and Transmission of Orders in Relation to Financial Instruments


Following the investment advisory service provided, Hawclaw can also provide the service of receiving and transmitting orders in relation to financial instruments, overseeing client’s decisions in order to guarantee that the investment rationale is achieved.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Hawkclaw Capital Advisors is the first investment advisory firm in Portugal to be a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), an investor initiative in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program Financial Initiative (UNEP FI) and the United Nations Global Compact. As an entity providing financial services, the entity has a duty to act in accordance with the best long-term interests of its clients and investors. In this fiduciary role, Hawkclaw Capital Advisors believes that environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues can affect the performance of investment portfolios over time at various levels within companies, sectors and regions. Alignment with society’s broader objectives is essential and necessary for sustainability and consistency at the investment level.